new release


The single is a reminder of a good party. Nice vocals and a powerful dance part.
The combination of dark house elements and a cinematic cello melody makes fun.

Just say: 'You made my day. Let us dance ... !' Have fun

Dance & trance music.
Is it a dream or virtual reality ... who knows.

It was a great birthday party with firework & music

The album is a small journey over the last years. Starts in the past. Back to the roots of electronic music.
The combination of new dancefloor sounds with old style synths and cinematic elements.

Something for dreamers, for sport activities and for dancers.

Dance & trance music.
A small journey for sports and fun people.

The basic music concept of the album is to descripe the power of mother nature with electronic sounds.

Sometimes strong & loud
Sometimes sweet & silent

The heart beat is the pulse of our life. I used my heart sound for the base of the track "Heartbeat".

The songs is the mirror of these day end of this year.
Everthing is moving and changing.

The concept idea behind that album is a journey through the universe.


The see comets, planets, sun beams, dust and particles.
The tracks subscripes the feelings around that scenarios.