Studio equipment

January 12, 2017

This is my studio setup.

6 Monitors for the arragement, the mixer channels, the notes and the software stuffs like synths, compressors, limiters, effects and so on.


Basic software is the DAW Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 and all synths from tone2 (Icarus, nemesis, rayblaster, electraX2, ... ), a lot from NI, rob papen, refx, arturia, waldorf, Image-Line and special synths like serum, orbit, hive, ACE, µtonic, curve2, Dune2, Spire and a big libarys with Vienna Instruments Pro.


Basic audio hardware is RME Fireface UFX, RME Babyface, SPL GoldMike and a big collection of effect plugins with 4 UAD-2 devices.

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